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Newest Public Documents

Her Virginia Mammy - Charles W. Chesnutt.pdf

By Charles W. Chesnutt

A story of reunion—and of thwarted reunion. A tale of a mother and daughter finding each. https://theoviebooks.wordpress.com/ "Sometimes," she went on dreamily, "I feel sure that I am of good family, and the blood of my ancestors seems to call to me in clear and certain tones. Then again when my mood changes, I am all at sea--I feel that even if I had but simply to turn my hand to learn who I am and whence I came, I should shrink from taking the step, for fear that what I might learn would leave me forever unhappy." An African-American essayist, author, and activist best known for his stories exploring race and social identity in the post-Civil War South, Charles W. Chesnutt's work was revived in the 1960's for its relevance during the Civil Rights Movement. A commemorative stamp of Chesnutt was issued in 2008. First published 1899 Ovi Magazine: Published May 2022

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Be it ambulances, doctor consultation, nursing or lab tests in Dubai, we bring you all healthcare services right at your doorstep. https://zenplus.ae/

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The lotus eaters - Stanley G. Weinbaum.pdf

By Stanley G. Weinbaum

"It was the spores, we knew they were narcotic before, but we couldn't be expected to guess that they'd carry a drug as subtle as that—to steal away your will and undermine your strength." https://theoviebooks.wordpress.com/ First published 1935 Ovi Magazine: Published November 2022

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Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen - O. Henry.pdf

By O. Henry

Two Thanksgiving Day Gentlemen is in O. Henry's collection, The Trimmed Lamp and Other Stories of the Four Million (1907). They meet on the same park bench every Thanksgiving Day for Stuffy Pete's annual feeding. https://theoviebooks.wordpress.com/ "Proud old family, I guess. He told me he hadn't eaten a thing for three days." First published 1907 Ovi Magazine: Published November 2022

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Subcooled offers a wide variety of Air Conditioning services to homes and businesses since 2006. From installation to maintenance across Hertforshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Oxfordshire. View our services menu for everything that we offer. https://www.subcooled.co.uk/

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Pergolaer av aluminium. Sök i alla produkter, märken och återförsäljare av Aluminium Pergolas: upptäck priser, kataloger och nya funktioner. Zenisun Sverige, motordriven Pergola aur pergola aluminium" https://www.poolharmoni.se/

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The Arrow of Heaven - G. K. Chesterton.pdf

By G. K. Chesterton

"Father Brown did not quite see. He blinked at the glittering seascape and the pinnacles of the city, and then at the man in goggles. It was not only the masking of the man's eyes that produced the impression of something impenetrable." The fourth story from Father Brown’s holly mystery solving mission! https://theoviebooks.wordpress.com/ First published: 1926 Ovi Magazine: Published April 2022

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Cattle scales

By 247 Scales

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Rainbow Street - Richard Stanford.pdf

By Richard Stanford

"The boy arrived on our street one day without a name and without a past. It was the spring of 1950, a hot humid day in the east-end of Montréal where the aromas of pure coke, tanning dye and railway dust welcomed the morning. I lived with my parents on St. Clement Street, two houses up from the train tracks." https://theoviebooks.wordpress.com/ A short story from Richard Stanford April 2023

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Optimus Dental Supply - Where Every Demand Meets Supply.pdf

Dental supplies are the mainstay of the practice. Dental treatment requires tools to examine, manipulate, treat, restore, and remove teeth and surrounding oral structures. To know more: https://optimusdentalsupply.com/

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